Although a start-up, Analogica Data is the brain child of veteran professionals who managed to create an immaculate blend of new ideas and ingenious business approach backed by years of executive expertise. Being a competent organization with a focused attitude, Analogica Data board of management is close knit and every member is an elite in their respective field.


Shikha Singal

Co founder & COO

Shikha is a dynamic professional with years of hard work backing her confidant personality. With Business generation and operation her forte, Shikha aims to generate new business opportunities for the company. Shikha possesses 17+ years of productive experience in business processes, marketing, software services and corporate strategy. In her multifaceted career, she has donned several roles in the marketing, IT industry and transformed each challenge into a success story. Her corporate strategies have yielded long term benefits for the companies and helped them in tapping the hidden market potential.

Her result oriented strategies have been instrumental in enhancing Analogica’s brand image. Business generation for promising start-ups and operations management to pave their way for the smooth business growth chart comes naturally to her and that’s what makes her indispensable for Analogica team.

Contributing in enhancing the brand name of the company, Shikha is instrumental in ensuring the reach of Analogica Big data services to a wider audience.

Rajeev Tipnis

Technical Partner

As the technology advisor, Rajeev brings extensive product development, services and entrepreneurial experience to Analogica Data. Rajeev has over 23 years of experience building complex, carrier grade, scalable and secure software systems in a variety of industries and domains.

Rajeev is passionate about entrepreneurship and has co-founded two venture backed start-ups. Recently Rajeev was the Co-Founder and Chief Applications Architect at Zettics – which was one of the pioneers of Big Data analytics providers for mobile operators. Previously, Rajeev had co-founded NetMorf – a market leader in mobile application server space. He has also served as a Director of Engineering at Trimble Mobile Solutions. Rajeev started his career building solutions in the embedded systems and digital signal processing industry. Rajeev has an MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelors in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Delhi Institute of Technology