Analogica Data since its foundation has been serving its customers with best in class global information technology services and solutions in product development, big data analytics, application development and much more. Our work for our clients aims at building a sound strategy capable enough to realize the company’s vision to reality.

In the short span of our existence, we have been able to create a niche for ourselves as a diligent service provider. We treat every client as a companion and strive to help them overcome even the most complex of technological and strategical challenges.

There’s a reason why our clients call us ‘dependable’. We understand what it takes to build up an organization and ensure that our association help our client companies to achieve better flexibility, greater technological excellence and faster turnaround time.

Our work areas go beyond the most common sectors and reach out to areas such as Automotive, Software product houses, gaming and entertainment, Engineering and manufacturing, Retail, and also the Independent software dealers.

Analogica Data to build a cloud based platform, web application and high-end android application for replacing traditional OTP based 2nd factor authentication using Linode…


Chartcube is a fast growing cloud based data collaboration platform and they came to Analogica Data with the requirement of developing a mobile and desktop application. With a dedicated team of six software experts, Analogica Data designed and developed a high end Android application for Mobile and Tablets along with a DB connector desktop application using multiple open source tools.


PubMatic is a reputed Ad-Tech Industry Player. Analogica Data was designated the task to design and develop a complex web- application for Publisher Self- Serve Onboarding. With a total team size of seven members including two QA engineers, two Java developers, two web UI developers and a team lead. Analogica Data also designed and developed a dashboard web- application to get and monitor Publisher Configuration Health.


A steadfast growing digital security platform, Uniken approached Analogica Data for Async-IO based high performance custom file transfer protocol. Analogica Data also developed an Android application for secured data exchange using Async-IO Web Server using libevhtp, C/C++ based Web Service, Android 4.x & 5.x, REDIS, PostGreSQL, Oracle technologies. The company deployed one team lead, two C/C++ Developers, one Android Developer, and a QA Engineer for the project.


It was exciting to work with a focused food tech startup targeting the consumer market- Zatapp. Analogica Data assisted Zatapp with architectural and technology leadership for cloud based platform. Analogica Data also developed an android application to achieve MVP. The technologies used were AWS, Android 4.x & 5.x, Node.JS, MongoDB, Cassandra. The total team strength used was of five members including a team lead, one Node.JS Developer, one Android Developer, and one QA Engineer.


A fast growing healthcare start-up targeting the consumer market, Healyos designated Analogica Data with the task of building a cloud based platform and a high- end web application. With a dedicated team of one team lead, one Java Developer, one Web UI Developer, and a QA Engineer, Analogica Data deployed ava, Angular 1.x Framework and Bootstrap, MongoDB, Jersey Based Web Service, REST APIs & Data Processing tools technologies to work.


EzlyPay is a high-end e-commerce merchant payment platform for whom Analogica Data built a cloud based platform, an Android SDK and a web application. Analogica Data deployed an expert team of one team lead, one Java Developer, one UI Developer, one Android Developer and a QA Engineer to complete the project using Java, Angular 1.x Framework and BootStrap, MongoDB, Cassandra and Hbase, Jersey Based Web Service, Android 4.x & 5.x technologies.

Stealth Mode:

Stealth Mode worked on two projects with Analogica Data. The first project required Analogica Data to build a cloud based platform, web application and a high end android application using Linode, Android 4.x & 5.x, Java, MongoDB, Angular 1.x & Bootstrap, Jersey Based Web Service technologies. The project took a dedicated team of seven engineers.

In the second project with Stealth Mode Analogica Data was responsible for building POC to build keywords based indexing for the PDF documents and support faster search. The project required two team members involved dedicatedly to fulfill the requirements using Java Apache Tika and Elastic search technologies.

Vyom Labs / Angular 2.x based Web-UI:

Vyom Labs is a reputed IT Automation and BPM Automation platform. Analogica Data has been responsible for providing High Availability and Load Balancing solution for the IT& BPM Automation Platform. A dedicated team of four IT engineers are deployed including one Java developer, one Web UI developer, one QA resource and a team lead. The technologies used include Java, PostGreSQL and PGPOOL-II NGNIX based Web Server and Load Balancer, Angular 2.x and Bootstrap.

Optimize IT:

Optimize IT develops fully responsive applications for consumer market and Analogica Data has been responsible for developing Android application to assist Truckers in the USA. The technologies used are Java, Android 4.x and 5.x with a team size of three resources including a team lead, an android developer, and a QA resource.