With Analogica, be rest assured that you are in good hands. With a vast experience in Big Data Analysis, an expert team of certified data scientists and engineers and a state-of- art infrastructure, we are proud to be one amongst the Best Big Data Service and Analysis Companies in India. We endeavour to find valuable information form the humongous data of varies types and open up new opportunities in your businesses. The strong analysis and predictable results helps businesses to gain a competitive edge over players and thus guarantee growth for the business.

Big data analysis today is ubiquitous, but with 100+ man years of technical experience, we stand amongst the Top Big Data Analytics Services and Solution in India and US. As a seasoned Data Analytics Service provider in India and US we offer speed, reliability and customised solutions to our clients. Our scientists work in tandem with our customers, understand the customer’s problems and responses and provide robust solutions and strategies.

The rich experience, strong domain knowledge and critical analytical abilities, our team has been able to successfully handle all complex projects. Big data analysis helps to spot potentially sensitive information and allows us to pursue the positive changes.  We are therefore sought for the Data Analytics Services in India and US.

If you are searching for Best Big Data Service and Analysis Companies in India, your search ends here!

http://rpstransit.com/news/starbucks-and-whole-foods-now-open/ Being among the Top Big Data Analytics Services and Solution in India and US, we, at Analogica

  • Deliver in time
  • Find solutions to complex projects and problems
  • Predict to precision
  • Provide end-to-end business intelligence solutions
  • Fuel growth and maximize returns
  • Value customer’s relationship
  • Endeavour to achieve excellence

A veteran Data Analytics Service provider in India and US, our services include:

Dash-boarding and Visualisation

Are you familiar with the term quick-bite? If you are the person always in a rush you will appreciate quick-bite. Well, “DASH BORDING IS QUICK-BITE FOR YOU WHEN IT COMES TO REPORTING”. Nobody has time through report stacks. They need flash report and get a feel of head-winds or keep a rough tab on shape of things. It takes 3 hours to prepare one hour of presentation that’s the ratio. With Dash-boarding you always have the presentable data on hand on the go!!!  The aesthetics of Dash-boarding and Visualisation lies in simplifying and comprehension of the vast available data and the functionality lies in effective business intelligence. In today’s world Dash-boarding and Visualisation aims to get business insights in a quicker time. This service is repeatedly demanded. The simple reason is that every organisation has its own metrics and needs customisation.

With our experience as a Big Data Analytics Services and Solution provider, we aim to breakdown your huge data bank into easily comprehendible information that allows you to focus on the most important information and prioritize your requirements.


How do the Big Data companies and Analytics are growing? There are ubiquitous connected devices apart from the internet and they generate data again. To put it simply, it these connected devices that make up the internet of things (IOT). It is estimated that by 2020 there would be about 20 million devices. Whoaa!!! So, what’s it got to do with me and my organisation? The simple answer all these devices will interact with the data of your organisation in some way in future. So, please deal with it now. Some applications: for smart homes, wearables, retail, smart-cities, health, agriculture, automotive transportation, industrial automation, and energy management.

Now you can easily see why this is a natural culmination for us as Analytics People. We are in the trade know it by its knuckle and we can deal with giant. We can code device oriented application for you. Please call on us for the engagement and we can solution it for you.


Size and Scale, brings its own challenges, whether it is micro or mega. So, if you are storing the transaction data or data form heterogeneous sources even the machines start cranking, on the other hand the users need the information now!!

We also cater to this need of cleaning data, consolidation and integration. More importantly, we provide the querying abilities for retrieval and analytics which naturally follows what we do.


This is what we really like. The end result of all the slicing and dicing of data is actionable input. We combine our skills in data mining and analytics to bring you the predictive models. We carefully understand your business need for predictive analysis to achieve your strategic and research goals. Whether it is financial business services, business intelligence, Data mining and predictive modelling. Initially we engage with you to define the predictors during the descriptive analytics and we take it on therefrom. Our models can accommodate several variables to act on the predictors.

We would certainly like to hear from you and your strategic goals. During the course of our interactions with you we will certainly share with you the success-stories we had with other clients. This would give you some heads-up as to the requirements you should be looking for.


Our programs help the machines themselves. The object-oriented programming causes the machines to react differently when exposed to different data sets and of different architecture. We have gained this ability through our data mining and analytics efforts. Our statistical inputs gained during our analytics projects can be very useful for classification, required for machine intelligence. Its incorporation in coding makes our programming unique.

The supervised-function or the machine learning tool creates new records for the target attribute. Our experience with database architecture puts us in the front seat to deal with machine-learning. Our algorithms for selecting the hypothesis are daft and provide continual learning. If one pays close attention some of future programming efforts are reduced and data maintenance efforts are increased a little.    


Re-imagine your business with Analogica’s well researched and best Big data services and solutions. With a dedicated team of certified data scientists and engineers, we aim to open a world of opportunities and find valuable insights from the heap of data of varied sizes and types. Our data driven predictability assists in gaining competitive advantage fuel the long-term growth of our clients.

We help you extensively with Big data infrastructure setup, management, analytics through our pre- built and customised solutions that help accelerate the growth of your business.

BOT Model

http://dentonstation.co.uk/committee Most Suited For Well-Funded Start-Ups Or Established Organizations

  • Parent company out-sources to Analogica Data for building 100% subsidiary in India
  • Analogica Data forms dedicated unit for parent company
  • Analogica Data Leadership drives the engagement and handles the deliverables
  • Parent company has clear insight on Day-To-Day functions

Extended Team

enter For Seed-Funded Or Small Series-A Funded Start-Ups

  • Parent company out-source to Analogica Data for building initial team
  • Analogica Data drives the team compensation package and expenses giving transparency to the parent company
  • Parent company and Team Analogica Data work closely for product deliverables
  • Over the time, Analogica Data assists migrating the team to form 100% subsidiary in India

Outsource Product Design and Development

Generic Product Engineering Outsourcing

  • As per parent company requirements, Analogica Data arranges resources matching the skill-sets
  • Billing per head-count
  • Analogica Data drives the resources compensation and day-to-day engineering functions
  • Analogica Data works with Parent Company for timely deliverables

Our Skills

Hands-on Expertise in Product Engineering from Idea Generation to Execution, Testing, Automation, Delivery & Support. We team up with our customers for multiple technology domains viz.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data protection (backup & restore) and disaster recovery
  • Server provisioning, virtualization & recovery
  • Storage virtualization, management & monitoring
  • Network management & monitoring
  • Access & Identity management
  • Java, C, C++, Python, Perl, Shell Scripting
  • RDBMS like Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL and PostGreSQL etc.
  • NoSQL DBs like Redis, MongoDB, Hadoop-HBase and Cassandra etc.
  • User Experience
    • Web based user interface using HTML5, CSS3, Java Scripting, Angular JS, JQuery and REST/SOAP APIs to communicate with the server.
    • iOS & Android Application development using REST APIs to communicate with the server.